Sikkim Culture

The people of Sikkim are more commonly known as the Sikkimese. The prehistoric times of the state of Sikkim was occupied by three tribes namely Naong, Chang and the Mon.


Sikkim Monasteries

Red robed lamas enchanting sacred mantras, drums and trumpets blowing wildly in the background, prayer wheels whirring vibrantly and white lights flickering from decorative lamps.


Sikkim Trek & Hike

There are numerous blossoming trekking routes in Sikkim. Sikkim is celebrated as one of the lavishly kept secrets in the range of Himalayas and trekking in Sikkim can fill one's heart with endless joy and freshness.


Sikkim Lakes

On the face of it, one would not expect to find lakes on such a rugged terrain. But surprisingly, Sikkim does have lakes though not very large in size. These lakes are both spring fed as well as river fed.


Welcom to Sikkim - "A land where every wrinkle of splendid mountains have enormous nature view.

Sikkim: The opulent natural beauty, scenic appeal and enchanting charm of Sikkim was the sole reason, the state got recognised with the 'Today's Traveller Platinum Award' in 2007.

SIKKIM may be small in size relative to its Himalayan neighbours, but it has formidable physical features such as the rivers and mountains that define the boundaries of the sate with its neighbours. Sikkim lies sandwiched between the kingdoms of Nepal in the west and Bhutan in the east. Along its northern boarder towers the plateau of Tibet and it shares its southern boarder with West Bengal, another sate of India...

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Sikkim at a Glance

Area (Sq. Kms.): 7096
Capital : Gangtok
Population (2011): 610577

No. of District: 4

Sikkim is one of the most politically stable and peaceful state in India which is blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes, flora and fauna making it a heaven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Lying at an elevation of 8,586 metres, the state's highest point is the summit of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of the world. Foreigners here can visit Gangtok, Rumtek, Phodong, Pemayangtse and the Yuksom -Zongri trekking route on the basis of restricted area permits which can be obtained. There are numerous Lakes and Monasteries which make the hill station vibrant and lively. To experience complete rejuvenation, Sikkim is a perfect place to travel for holiday.

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